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Adams was Portland's Commissioner of Public Utilities; he ran the Portland Office of Transportation (commonly abbreviated as "PDOT") and the Portland Bureau of Environmental Services (BES).He also served as Portland City Council's liaison to the Arts and Culture and Small Business communities.

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That deal helped get Portland City Council to agree for a bridge of up to twelve lanes, something Vancouver wanted in exchange for its support of Portland's MAX Light Rail extension across the I-5 bridge.

In the primary election, held May 20, 2008, Adams captured 58 percent of the vote and was elected without the need for a run-off.

In his first State of the City address on February 27, 2009, Adams outlined his goal of making Portland "the most sustainable city in the world".

By June, his office announced that no charges would be filed and that there was "no credible evidence" of inappropriate sexual contact before the age of consent.

Before Kroger's findings were made public, several newspapers called for Adams' resignation.

He grew up in Newport, Oregon, attended the University of Oregon and worked on a number of campaigns before taking office as a Portland commissioner.

Among them was Vera Katz's run for mayor of Portland.

Adams emphasized reduction of carbon dioxide emissions and investment in efficient green energy as essential to the city's energy-environmental goals and called on the Oregon State Legislature to provide incentives for the expansion of green energy companies, notably Vestas Wind Systems, into the Portland metropolitan area.

Later that year, Adams was cleared of any criminal wrongdoing related to a consensual sexual relationship with a young adult he met in 2005.

Adams said the deception about the relationship was warranted because a political opponent had falsely accused him of having sex with a minor, but later apologized.

Adams announced his support of new regulations for horse-drawn carriages in September 2009 after a horse died in downtown Portland a month earlier.

After she won, he served as her chief of staff for eleven years and then went back to school, earning a degree in Political Science.