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At 16, I was teenager with a penchant for lying on the basement floor while listening to lyrics that would later wind up as not-so-subliminal AOL Instant Messenger statuses."Leave" became an anthem I belted out — sprawled flat on the rug, in the shower, in the car, even though as a high schooler, I had no clue what I was singing about."They've agreed to stay together for at least a year and transform their relationship into a business deal," another source told the tabloid.Singer-songwriter James Taylor didn't know he was a singer-songwriter until he watched the season premiere of ABC's "The Bachelorette" in May.But before we get to the juicy stuff, let's start with what's most important thing: Jo Jo is back, y'all.Wells (a fellow contestant) wants to help push my album.I treated him like a friend, and now that’s just a perk.But a years-long legal battle with her original record label, Blackground Records, is the reason you haven't heard new Jo Jo music on the radio since about 2006.

Despite losing their ability to distribute music, the label kept the singer frozen in her contract, forcing her to sue — not once, but twice.

Some observers are even more cynical, suggesting that they're only staying together for the fame and money at this moment in could earn as much as million in the next year ...

"She and Jordan could potentially be the highest-paid couple from the franchise, but they have to act now," the so-called expert said."Jo Jo and Jordan unfollowed each other only to refollow each other again a few hrs later," the observant Redditor wrote on the site.

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But she lives really far away, and we’re both so busy.