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Once the restaurant chef/waiter gave his approval, they received their next clue, on a silver platter.

AXN Asia, which airs the original American series, had received many written requests for an Asian production from local viewers.

In both cases, teams would receive the next clue if the person in charge of the Detour option selected was satisfied with the result.

The first Roadblock in the race was that a team member must retrieve the clue in a box located inside a snake pit containing dangerous species second to anaconda in size, within 2 minutes.

Prashant is an Indian actor who starred in the Bollywood movie Aag; he was also the runner-up of Mr. Melody is a Singaporean TV and movie actress, having starred in local movies such as Street Angels and The Teenage Textbook Movie; she also played a supporting character in long-running drama Love Blossoms and its sequel, Love Blossoms II.

This season consists of five non-Asians; Andy, Francesca, Howard and Laura are from the United Kingdom, having separate representatives in Asian countries (as Andy & Laura representing Thailand), and Sandy is from New Zealand, is representing Hong Kong.

Host Allan Wu commented that "the producers definitely took the time and did their homework to select the most diverse, entertaining, and controversial batch of contestants for our first season." The cast consisted of a few local media representatives or their relatives.

Zabrina is a Ntv7 and Channel V television producer, as well as the sister of Malaysian film director Joshua Fernandez and Hitz. Aubrey is a filipina actress who acted in local movies such as Prosti, Xerex, Sanib, A Beautiful Life and Gagamboy; she is also the co-host of noontime show Masayang Tanghali Bayan.The teams received a Fast Forward clue after the completion of the Roadblock.In this Leg's Fast Forward, teams must search among students at the school's courtyard listening to a Sony Walkman MP3 player that plays the "Fast Forward Award" message.In Paint, members of each team would work together to make a batik painting based on the design shown to them.In Pot, one team member would make a pot from clay using a pottery wheel while the other member controlled the wheel's spin.Once there, they shelled 14 kilograms of cold prawns.