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Andy hendrickson comedian dating - datingin the workplace

The restaurant had a comedy night, and Schulz’s co-workers encouraged him to perform.

He turned to stand up after working at a restaurant near his college, UC Santa Barbara.

” Chris has worked at all of the top comedy clubs across New York City including but not limited to Gotham Comedy Club, Carolines on Broadway, and The Comedy Cellar.

Chris has a Bachelors degree in Psychology to impress his mom’s friends, and a Doctorate in Physical Therapy to impress his Moms friend’s Moms. He is a current cast member on MTV2s hit show “Guy Code”.

Internationally, Andy has performed at clubs and festivals throughout the world, including Canada, England, Holland and Ireland.

In 2011 he performed for our troops on Outback’s Feeding Freedom Tour that provided entertainment for the troops on military bases across Afghanistan.

You can also see him featured on MTVs “Girl Code” “Failosiphy” and “Money From Strangers”.

Chris was selected from hundreds of comedians across the country to be one of Comedy Centrals “Comics to Watch” as part of the 2012 New York Comedy Festival.Within a few months, he began to perform shows at the Comedy Village along with some of the top New York comics.After the Comedy Village closed its doors, Schulz moved on to other clubs in the city – thanks in part to the support of comedian, Calise Hawkins.In Los Angeles, Mc Farlane made stand up appearances on . Currently, Mc Farlane can be seen touring with her husband, Rich Vos, with whom she co-hosts the My Wife Hates Me podcast.In 2014, Mc Farlane starred in and produced the comedy documentary, Described as a high energy comic, Chris Distefano acts out a variety of characters derived from his life, typically leaving you on the edge of your seat wondering “Who the hell is that he’s talking about?A comedic actress as well, she has guest-starred on , which has received positive reviews.

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    This story contains adult material and is only suitable for people over the age of 18. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious.

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