Apostolic beliefs on dating

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The AG believes that husbands and wives are to function as partners; however, they also believe the husband bears the responsibility of leadership in the home.

Cyril of Alexandria, which proclaimed “one incarnate nature of the Word.” After Chalcedon, the Armenian church was considered by the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches to be ), despite his incarnation in a human body.Whereas the supreme catholicos resides in Armenia, Armenian nationalists (Dashnaks) tend to support the see of Cilicia.This division is reflected among North American Armenians.The patriarchates of Constantinople and Jerusalem are of relatively recent origin and recognize the supremacy of Ejmiadzin.The patriarchate of Jerusalem was founded early in the 14th century when the monastery of St.The Assemblies of God (AG) maintain that marriage is a lifelong covenant between a man and a woman.

The relationship between husband and wife reflects the relationship of Christ and His church.

The catholicos of Ejmiadzin is generally recognized as the head of the whole church and bears the title “Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of All Armenians.” The catholicos at Cilicia, who bears the title “Catholicos of the Great House of Cilicia,” owes the catholicos of Ejmiadzin spiritual allegiance but retains administrative autonomy.

Relationships between the catholicoses have on occasion been strained by political tensions.

James in Jerusalem proclaimed its bishop Sargis an independent patriarch.

The patriarchate of Constantinople was created in 1461 by the Ottoman sultan Mehmed II, who appointed a local bishop to be the religious leader of the entire Armenian community in the Ottoman Empire.

Pentecostals share a common belief that baptism in the Holy Spirit empowers Christians for service and holy living.

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