Are kellyanne and wes still dating

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Are kellyanne and wes still dating - dating reciprocal

Both seasons of Battle of the Exes have been an explosion of drama and emotions.

Kellyanne & Cohutta (or Wes) Kellyanne is the perfect contender for Exes, and Cohutta would be an easy partner for her to have because he wouldn’t bring the baggage that Wes would bring for her.

Even if Adam didn’t work out, Cohutta would have been a better choice for her.

BONUS: Everyone would to see the original Challenge drama couple Mike & Trishelle compete on Battle of the Exes, but we all know Mike is too famous to come back now.

They were asked for the first Exes, but Joey was expecting a child so couldn’t compete.

Zach & Ashley OK, so I do consider Zach and Jonna to be a real pair of exes.

Out of all of her potential “exes,” Mike was easily the nicest (and weakest) partner for Paula.

It would have been nice to see exes who are interesting but nice people.Naomi & Mike (Real World Las Vegas) got married at the end of their season of The Real World.They may not have been a real couple, but Naomi is the only person on the cast that has been “married” to another cast member.They not opposed to working together (they did on Battle of the Seasons), but MTV is no longer the center of their lives.However, I wouldn’t completely rule them out for Exes 3.Danny & Melinda Of course the fan want to see our favorite divorcees, even if we know they’re going to lose The Challenge (like they always do).

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