Are police uniforms intimidating

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Are police uniforms intimidating

Exceedingly handsome, Ashok is also generally kind and gentle to those around him.

He owns and operates the rickshaws, and his son was kidnapped and killed by the Naxals, for which he visited retribution on the entire family of the servant who aided in that kidnapping.

He has two protruding teeth that resemble the tusks of a boar.

The Buffalo is one of the Four Animals, the four landlords who control Laxmangarh.

She is demanding, capricious, and deeply unsatisfied with life in India, constantly hoping to return to America, and is generally cruel to Balram.

She eventually leaves Ashok to return to New York, and shows a deep grief over the hit-and-run that proved the last nail in the coffin of their relationship.

Intimidating and sly, she attempts to exert her power over Balram, ensuring that he send money home once he becomes a driver, and later trying to coerce him into marrying.

She has a habit of rubbing her forearms when she feels happy, a trait that Balram frequently comments upon.

His mother had a short, miserable life, and Kusum frequently disrespects her memory.

Kusum is Balram's grandmother, and the matriarch of the family, ruling through fear.

The Stork, actual name Thakur Ramdev, is one of the Four Animals, the four landlords who control Laxmangarh.

A fat man with a large mustache, he owns the river and collects taxes from fishermen and boaters. His highly unethical business practices involve bribing officials, evading taxes, and stealing coal from government mines.

Krishna is Balram's teacher in Laxmangarh before Balram is pulled out of school by his family.

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