Assumptions behind radiometric dating

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There are numerous descriptions in world wide cultures describing boats that are consistent with the ancient Chinese junks of 1421.

Were you aware that Captain Cook in his voyage of discovery along the East coast of Australia had pre-existing maps.

However, their maps were cruder than the older ones. Although there is positive evidence of other Australian items landing up in the Middle east, I still have not tracked down the hard evidence for Gympie gold. Would love to get a sample from the tomb: You are right, Barry. Traditionally, metallic objects found underground are dated by the presumed age of the strata in which they are found.

These objects were thus dated at thousands of years.

); and examples such as the carved stones of Africa, the remains of Chinese peoples in South America, and artefacts scattered all over the world, inscribed with Chinese characters, in Chinese styles, some of these have been dated before thearrival of the Europeans.

These are confirmed ancient Chinese characters -'Ming Dynasty type' and not 'mysterious' writings as per your book.

Gold prospectors never pan for gold in industrial dumping grounds.

Much of what you describe of ancient technology as from some 'mysterious' race is actually from ancient Chinese sailors.Proclamation Island, if he'd bothered to scratch away the surface 6" would have found a huge seem of gold.It would have changed this country's future from what it was! There is a spattering of information that has survived concerning world maps. Is it possible that all the desert regions of the earth mark former advanced civilizations destroyed by a mutual nuclear holocaust? Any desert regions missed probably contained an advanced civilization destroyed by similar means.Ducks, chickens and horses in the US, Europe and Africa have been verified by DNA results that they stem from Chinese Asiatic animals transported by ships in ancient times.

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