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BE A REALLY TRUSTED CITIZEN AND GET REWARDS: King Daveau and Queen Keyara are always looking for people willing to fight the Darkness and His Clouds of Chaos on Planet Sarillion and around the Universe.People who become fully trusted with behavior on Sarillion that shows they are ready to do more, will be contacted for great opportunities.

If you get clouded by the Darkness to say Dark Words and you becomes Untrusted, your chat bar will appear light red and your chat privileges will be very limited.

Five of the nation's traditional and very special places where comfort foods are served.

Diners find such menu favorites as steak and potatoes, mac and cheese, burgers and fries, and old fashioned baked pies. It’s what scientists have termed a ‘grand minimum’ — a particularly low point in what is otherwise a steady 11-year cycle.

At a Good Standing level, players are usually behaving mostly well but occasionally might say something inappropriate or spell words wrong a lot.

You will receive a notice when you are half way to either achieving Trusted status or a warning when you are close to losing chat privileges and going to the Untrusted Warrior Drone level.

You will achieve Untrusted status after breaking the chat rules.

Any broken chat rules after becoming Untrusted will continue to slow down your progress towards Good Standing status so be careful to chat nice!Good Standing players will type their chat in a white chat bar.WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU GET CLOUDED: However, if you get tricked by the Darkness and His Clouds of Chaos to say Dark Words and become a Warrior Drone for the Darkness (by using swear words, mean or unkind words, talk about unsafe things or if you use a lot of words King Daveau doesn't recognize on Sarillion because of really bad spelling or slang) your ability to chat will get more limited.These are all sorts of things and range from jobs on Sarillion to earn Kids Kash, trips to places on Earth, or even visits from Kids staff to their home town on planet Earth to meet great Allies and Idea Seekers in person.Princess Kimma will be suggesting Allies and Idea Seekers on Sarillion who are ready to have these rewards.As you make sure not to say any "Dark Words" you will show you are a good citizen and you will become a Trusted Ally or Trusted Idea Seeker.

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