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Later, she is shortly seen in the mission Friend Request watching Fame or Shame.When Michael enters the room to watch Jay Norris's speech at the Vinewood Bowl, Tracey refuses to allow him, forcing Michael to angrily shoo her off the couch and out of the room.

After the mission, Tracey calls Michael and again berates him for "ruining her life" once again.

, Tracey returns to the house (probably when Michael was asleep in the Rockford Hills garden).

After she hears what happened with Michael and Jimmy, she tells Amanda and Jimmy to move out for their own safety, and they end up moving to Fabien's place.

When they arrive, Tracey is being introduced to the judges by Lazlow.

Tracey performs an erotic dance and Lazlow joins in, enraging both Michael and Trevor.

She is later seen in the first cutscene of Father/Son while fighting with her mother Amanda about how her then boyfriend, Gary, can't sleep with Tracey that night because Amanda thinks that he's a "bum," as she accuses him of being homeless.

Tracey angrily denies, screaming that he just doesn't have anywhere else to stay.Regardless, she will still be happy that her father helped her.Her last appearance in the storyline is in the mission Meltdown, she and Amanda are being held hostage by Merryweather Security personnel, who invaded Michael's house in retaliation for Michael's betrayal of Devin Weston.However, she breaks up with him on the same day as the mission, as seen on her Lifeinvader.Later, in the mission Daddy's Little Girl, after Michael and Jimmy finish a bike race to Pleasure Pier, Jimmy informs Michael that Tracey is meeting some guys from the porn industry in a yacht near the pier.He finally ends the humiliating experience by cutting off Lazlow's ponytail.