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It is also a book of glory, depicting the ultimate victory of our Lord Jesus Christ, after a great period of conflict between the doomed kingdom of this world, and the victorious Kingdom of Christ.In this context the Book of Revelation is not a mere tour guide to the last days, but is a book of glory reminding us that Christ has the total victory already wrapped up.

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The Majority of modern scholars place the date of the composition of the Book of Revelation between 90-110 AD.

Once provoked, these officials would often be fair, but could also be ruthless.

Later in the Book of Revelation, the double enemy against the Christians is described as a twofold threat, as a “beast” and a “harlot.” The minority view holds that the “harlot city” is really Jerusalem, not Rome.

Currently in the Liturgies of daily Mass we have been reading the Book of Revelation.

It is commonly read at the end of the liturgical year, for it bespeaks the end of, and passing qualities of all things of this world.

To state again, the common modern and majority view is that the context of this book is the persecution against Christians by Domitian (Emperor from 81-96 AD) and the Roman Empire which he headed.

John has been arrested and exiled to the Island of Patmos.For example, he argues that Jesus was 50 when he was crucified.Thus, though Irenaeus gives us a lot of good biblical insight, he is less reliable for testimony referencing dates and time frames.An additional and more central reason for leaning to the earlier date of prior to 70 AD, is that it gives a clearer account of the context for the persecutions being endured by the Christians that flows more from the actual biblical data, wherein the persecution derives more from fellow Jews, than from Romans alone.Thus, these “minority” scholars seek to integrate the Book of Revelation within the same conflict of other New Testament books such as Acts and the Epistles, namely a dispute between Christians and their Jewish opponents, who then engage the Roman officials for redress, rather than to set Revelation as a conflict merely between Christians and pagan Rome.It is on him that most other Father’s based their conclusion.