Booklovers dating

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Booklovers dating - fdating

As much as we’d like to think we aren’t superficial, we are sometimes immediately attracted to certain people . In every first date as well as every introduction to a book, you have to break the ice or become acquainted with the character you will be spending time with.Some introductions are more awkward than others, and some captivate you from the first words.

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You see the characters as real people, people you know intimately.

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Once you download the app, which is currently available on all Android and i OS devices, you will be matched with other book lovers in your area with the help of our proprietary algorithm that has already helped connect millions of Goodreads members with their next great book.

You will be shown a potential match and, based on their bookshelves, you can swipe right on the heart icon to indicate your interest, or swipe left on the 'x' icon to move on to the next person.

If they don't know who Dan Brown, Ta-Nehisi Coates or J.

Find your next beauty or beau in the aisles of your favorite genre.

Other school libraries are trying book speed dating, where students can weed out which books have “bad breath” or “weird habits.” As in dating, you have to kiss a few book frogs to find your book prince.

When you realize that you like being around someone, you want to keep seeing them.

You form relationships with these fictional characters, even if it is one sided. (Sorry if you didn’t know, but you’ve had plenty of time to read it and the entire world was talking about the series!

) We feel agony over bad decisions our beloved characters make.

Some local libraries have tried “blind dates” with books, covering books and providing minimal information about plot and genre to pique readers’ interest.

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