C validating data

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One of the primary purposes of data preparation is to ensure that information being readied for analysis is accurate and consistent, so the results of BI and analytics applications will be valid.

Many options discussed online are from the perspective of a ‘classic’ MIIS designer, often contained with compiled DLLs.

After going through the workflow, data is output into a finalized file that can be loaded into a database or other data store, where it is available to be analyzed.

Even though data preparation methods have become highly automated, it can still take up significant amounts of time -- especially as the volume of data used in analyses continues to grow.

the option: /f:x instructs csexport to only include pending exports.

You can run the following script section in Power Shell on your FIM Sync / AAD Sync server to get a sample XML file.

This method was implemented for a customer who wanted to delay notify automated FIM Sync cycles if certain thresholds were exceeded.

In this example, the customer wanted to pause the automated sync cycle if more than 30 of any of the following were pending export: What?A mechanism to notify and validate pending exports in FIM and AAD Sync. There is no native method to do this in the FIM Sync / AAD Sync software.Additional components in FIM like FIM Service and FIM Reporting are not always the best tools for day-to-day operational validation and notifications.In Part 2 we’ll explore how you can apply business policies using this information, pausing, stopping or continuing automated sync cycles in FIM.The components of data preparation include pre-processing, profiling, cleansing, validation and transformation; it often also involves pulling together data from different internal systems and external sources.Additionally, data sets stored in separate files or databases often have different formats that need to be reconciled.

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