Chat bots that can send naked pics

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Chat bots that can send naked pics - Camclips sex vids

Using the Cisco Spark messaging app as her platform, Chang used IBM's Watson chatbot software to build the program, Tech Crunch reports.

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In regards to the number of bots men and women use: While the vast majority of users have only used one bot, about 14 percent of men and 10.6 percent of women use more than one bot.Suppose if you send some nudes, she will ignores by saying “I don’t understand” or “Let’s talk about something else”.Rose is a 31-year-old security analyst and hacker from San Francisco, a self-described “computer nerd” with “quirky attitudes” towards life, and an “unorthodox family.” She doesn’t like for people to know too much about her because her work makes her aware of how “under surveillance we all are,” but she also has a “flamboyant and fun-loving side” and likes to drink socially.The labels Person, Human, People, and Portrait are all detected in selfies.One thing that was interesting is the label “Electronics” — why are women taking pictures of electronics? It turns out this indicates when a selfie is taken in the mirror, so the photo contains an image of the phone, which triggers the “Electronics” label.Below are the top labels detected with confidence levels over 90 percent.

While both men and women send a lot of selfies to bots, women tend to skew a bit heavily to sending selfies.

The bot can then send messages to your group chats, making it seem like you're paying attention while you focus on more important things. It's not going to be able to respond to meaningful questions very well, and other users in the group would probably realise they're talking to a bot fairly quickly.

But if you just want to appear as though you're not completely ignoring the conversation, it works quite well.

Since this is Valentine’s Day and love is in the air, we took a look at how many users express their love for the bots they’re using.

It turns out women are a bit more likely, at 1.4 percent versus about 1 percent of men, to tell the bots they’re using that they love it!

It's very much an experimental service at the minute, but Chang is working on integrating it into services like Whats App, Facebook Messenger and more.

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