Chat sex thai on line free

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Chat sex thai on line free

The majority of young Thai women are into teenage Korean pop stars and Channel 7/Channel 3 Thai movie stars.Yet being from the social underclass, divorced/separated (more often than not with kids) prior to the bar, the only Thai men they have access to on a serious relationship level are also from that social underclass.

No doubt someone will surf on through here and tell me that many bar girls do the job by choice, making that self-serving observation that “she doesn't have to do it if she doesn't want to”.

This is a devious way to keep the recruitment numbers high and the deserters low.

I mean, once you've sold your body a few times the deed is done; it's pointless returning to disappoint your parents with the news that you didn't make it in the “big city” after all.

They are low income earning men that will (generally) resemble similar characteristics to the inadequate man they were once married to.

As we know, gambling, alcoholism and abuse is rife in such economic settings. Moreover, once a Thai girl has been in the bar, she will struggle to get a Thai boyfriend at all.

Blog and forum owners happily let people thrash out misogynistic musings on their sites as link-bait to drive traffic, but this isn’t what I set up my blog to do, and the reality is that Thailand is so much more than the bar scene.

It is part of it, but the longer you live here the more insignificant it becomes. But for all the hatred and idiocy ranted on forums and blogs by “barstool experts”, people would do well to remember that these girls are the daughters and sisters of other human beings, and at one time children with dreams and aspirations – just like our own children.

Once you've crossed the line, you might as well try and make it work, right?

Having travelled to the North and North East of Thailand many times and seen the lack of opportunity, pressures of money (debt) and “keeping face” that young girls grow up with, when I see a girl standing outside a bar on the street, no matter how sexy she is trying to act, I find it impossible to see her as anything other than a victim of circumstance, of a system that in many ways socially engineers and encourages prostitution.

So, girl migrates to the city/island to start her covert initiation into the world of prostitution; most likely with no idea what it entails and what she's letting herself in for.*At this point it should be noted that some (not all) girls arrive at bars in debt to middlemen who arrange travel and accommodation.

So even if the girl wants to leave after arrival, she will have to work off that debt first.

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