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Of their reported union, a source told the publication: "Harry has never quite got over what he had with Caroline. The prince, who turns 31 next week, and Davy, 29, are known for their on-again-off-again romance that lasted seven years and ended for good, supposedly, shortly after Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge's wedding in 2011.

News at the time that the blond beauties are "firm friends" noting that it's "not awkward at all" between Harry, Cressy and Chelsy."It's different dating a royal and getting used to that life and the challenges it brings," said a source.

"I was trying to be a normal kid and it was horrible." Like the former Kate Middleton, Davy was bombarded by paparazzi when leaving night clubs with Harry. "It was nuts," she said of being chased by photographers and written about without her consent. Now it's calm, it's fine," Davy, whose father is a wealthy landowner in South Africa, has said.

Though she was Harry's Plus 1 at William and Catherine's wedding in April 2011, she reportedly told friends she had no interest in becoming a royal wife.

Harry and the actress dated for two years, before breaking up after two years.

"She and Harry have been in touch for around a year, but they first kissed about nine months ago.“Things went cold for a while, but they hooked up on Thursday night and ended up spending the night together.”Daily Mail:, Harry is keen to get back with his ex-girlfriend Caroline Flack.

Davy was always portrayed in the press as a bohemian party girl, when in reality she wanted nothing to do with public life.

"It was so full-on: crazy and scary and uncomfortable," Davy said about the amount of unwanted press she received while dating Harry. Some gossip sites claimed their relationship to be volatile at times, but in truth, Davy just didn't want to be in the papers.

"Harry still holds a candle for her," a friend of the ex-couple told Harry met Chelsy Davy during his Gap Year in South Africa in 2004 The report went on to claim that friends have said that Harry and Chelsy are "openly discussing" a reunion and could meet up again later this year, when the Prince, who turns 31 next week, returns to South Africa and Lesotho for charity engagements.

The source added that it is no coincidence that the Queen's grandson has decided to spend more time in Africa later this year.

According to the report, the couple has enjoyed a romantic vacation together in Bodrum, Turkey, and Davy has also visited the home of Goode's mother.

Ironically, Goode also designed Cressida's half-sister's diamond engagement ring in addition to her wedding band when she wed Sir Richard Branson's son, Sam Branson, last year (small world! Davy and Harry split in in 2010, and Chelsy later formed a friendship with Cressida.

"Chelsy thought the wedding was wonderful and she had a ball, but there’s no way marriage is on the cards for her.