Christian views on jewish dating

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Christian views on jewish dating

With the tensions and conflicts that can exist in a relationship, Spencer said the foundation of faith becomes an important unifying force.

The site has gained 5 million new users in the last two years.JDate was founded in 1997 and was immediately a hit in the Jewish community.The site has 750,000 members worldwide and claims to be responsible for more Jewish marriages than all other websites combined.Sure, as a Jew, I heavily prepared for my Bat Mitzvah...learning Hebrew, writing a speech, connecting with God and what not.But Hebrew school taught me nothing about what really matters in life - boys.Even though the couple didn’t last past the summer, Spencer, 32, was nevertheless grateful to have met a like-minded man who shared her passion for the Christian faith.

“If I said I didn’t want somebody without a Christian background, I would be lying to myself, and wasting my time,” she said.

As a child, I was taught that I would marry a Jew, as well.

However, you realize as you grow up that, well, that could be slim pickings and there is much more to a relationship than the faith with which you identify.

JDate spokesperson Arielle Schechtman says that JDate is doing more than matchmaking, they’re building the Jewish community so that traditions will be carried on. “We build marriage, J-babies, and (the members) send us pictures of the kids.” Relationship expert and therapist, Rachel Sussman says parental or cultural pressures often drive people to date within their religion.

After working with couples for more than 15 years, Sussman said shared culture, values and traditions are crucial to sustaining relationships.

But the decision to date within one’s religion should not come from external pressure.

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