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The key point of the TED Talk, that power poses “can significantly change the outcomes of your life”, was not supported.

Or is that not bullying because it’s in a peer-reviewed journal?

When a published researcher such as Cuddy equates “I don’t believe your claims” with “bullying,” that to me is a problem.

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In any case, it’s amusing that someone who’s based an entire book on an experiment that was not successfully replicated is writing about “extreme overreach.” As I’ve written several times now, I’m open to the possibility that power pose works, but skepticism seems to me to be eminently reasonable, given the evidence currently available.

In the meantime, no, I don’t think that referring to a non-peer-reviewed blog is “the worst form of scientific overreach.” I plan to continue to read and refer to the blog of Simonsohn and his colleagues. I don’t agree with everything they write—but, then again, I don’t agree with everything that is published in Psychological Science, either. explain their reasoning carefully and they give their sources. At the very least, we’d have to conclude that any power-pose effect is fragile.It could be real and it could go in either direction.” We question on statistical grounds the strength of the evidence offered by Cuddy et al. So it’s “sickening” for us to express doubt about Cuddy’s claim, but not “sickening” for her to question the relevance of the work by Ranehill et al.?And there is also the question of whether a lab result in this area, if it were real, would generalize to the real world. And Simmons and Simonsohn’s blog, that’s no good because it’s a blog, not a peer reviewed publication.Here’s Cuddy: This is sickening and, ironically, such an extreme overreach.First, we *published* a response, in Psych Science, to the Ranehill et al conceptual (not direct) replication, which varied methodologically in about a dozen ways — some of which were enormous, such as having people hold the poses for 6 instead of 2 minutes, which is very uncomfortable (and note that even so, somehow people missed that they STILL replicated the effects on feelings of power). The fact that Gelman is referring to a non-peer-reviewed blog, which uses a new statistical approach that we now know has all kinds of problems, as the basis of his article is the WORST form of scientific overreach.And I am certainly not obligated to respond to a personal blog.

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