Dating a christian scientist

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Dating a christian scientist - web dating programs

This is a list of former Christian Science churches, societies, and buildings.

Gayle Quigley, who had been raised as a Christian Scientist but had left the faith after her remarriage, told the judge that she wanted her children to be provided with mainstream medical care and not just Christian Science treatment.

But Andrew Wantland was the child of Christian Scientists, and the children of Christian Scientists have much to bear. More accurately, Christian Scientists do not believe in medical science, or what they call "materia medica." They generally do not accept medical care for themselves, and many do not permit it for their children. Had my brother or sister or I contracted a serious illness or met with a life-threatening accident while we were growing up, we would have been expected to heal ourselves, just as we were expected to heal ourselves of colds, flu, allergies, and bad behavior.

That we survived to adulthood was a matter of luck. In 1992, the year he turned twelve, Andrew had the slightly gawky look of a boy who is growing fast.

The building at 96th Street is now Crenshaw Christian Center.

The merged CS congregation now uses the name First Church but worships at the former Second Church on 68th Street.

Note: Following the custom of early New England Congregational and Baptist churches, Churches of Christ, Scientist, in a city or town are numbered First, Second, Third, etc. Since all churches and societies are listed in the monthly Christian Science Journal, it is possible to determine the numbers of most but not all missing churches.

For example, if a city has listings for only second and fourth churches, it is obvious that first and third are missing.Given that James Andrew Wantland--Andrew, he was called--was twelve years old when he died, the choice of epitaph is striking.It does not express the sentiments one usually associates with the untimely death of a child.It suggests satisfaction, rather than regret or loss or sorrow.On the grave of a mature person it would presumably pay tribute to a life of accomplishment and fulfillment; on that of a child it seems almost too much to bear. Most people who have heard of Christian Science know one thing about it: Christian Scientists do not "believe" in doctors.Indeed, one reason I came to love studying science, after being a lifelong student of literature and theology, is the amazing way scientific discoveries strengthen my faith.

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