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In Italy, defensive and agricultural characteristics mixed.The type of Croatian templar headquarters is still unknown.

Already in 1139 had the Pope Innocent II permitted Templars to build chapels for their own needs, in which the Service of God would be conducted by templar priests, and which would be outside of jurisdiction of local bishops.

The Order of the Templars was governed by the Great Magister, and the order was divided into provinces.

Croatian lands were, along with Hungary, all in one province, which was governed by the magister per Ungariam et Sclavoniam.

Entering Slavonia, on their way they had many losses, mostly due to the harsh winter in those parts.

For Slavonia is a land desolate, no roads, and mountainous, where we saw no animals nor birds for three weeks.

Layouts of templar chapels were mostly very simple: rectangle ending beyond the altar either by a flat wall or by a circular apse, and the buildings themselves were of small dimensions.

The Templars lived in very small groups, each one in its own „house“, which was the headquarters of the preceptory.

They came to these parts in period after the Second (1146-48) and before the Third Crusade (1187), thus between 11.

Based on the preserved documents in several cases it is not possible to determine the exact year of the arrival of Templars to Croatia, that is, to their residences, respectively.

The headquarters of the preceptory were called mayur – which was a cluster of economic buildings on the safest and most profitable estate.

Commonly, it was a foursquare yard with a chapel in the southern end, residential building in the northern end, and stables, which were especially important, because the Templars bred horses for their knights.

The names suggest that most of the Templars in Croatia and Hungary originated from Romanic countries, especially regions of France.

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