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Some Cremation Scattering Methods aboard our vessel and a few FAQ’s We first journey three nautical miles to sea (Legal federal boundary for scatterings), select a suitable spot based on wind & tide.

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When scattering over a body of water an optional water-soluble urn can enhance the experience.

High resolution, multi-proxy records of ice-rafted debris (IRD) flux and provenance in the NE Atlantic detail the development, variability and decline of marine margins of the last glacial circum-North Atlantic ice sheets.

Coupled lithological identification, Sr and Nd isotopic composition and Ar ages of individual hornblende grains reduce ambiguity as to IRD potential source region, allowing clear differentiation between Laurentide (LIS), Icelandic and British (BIS) ice sheet sources (the Icelandic and BIS are collectively referred to as the NW European ice sheet, NWEIS).

Many have cash bars available, media hook ups and more. The general costs are described in the current pricing kit we send you and do vary by port. See also Cap Chats: East Coast Pricing Military honor guards are available for honorably discharged veterans (DD-214 discharge paperwork is required).

Your payment books date, time, vessel, crew, service etc. We easily can arrange and if you also want the optional Live bugler (0 goes to the buglers across America) versus electronic bugles provided by the Navy at no charge.

In 2014 we depart form over 26 ports with 51 different vessels and are opening in San Diego Summer 2014.

We offer boats ranging in size from 33′ feet to 125′ feet and can accommodate up to four hundred guests.This suggests that ‘precursor events’ were not directly implicated in the collapse of the LIS, and the persistent instabilities of the BIS that are clustered at a 2 ka periodicity are incompatible with the concept that both H events and their ‘precursors’ are independent responses to a common underlying trigger.All sea burials include an official parchment sea burial certificate marking the latitude and longitude of your final resting place.For your safety and protection, all of our boats are fully insured and piloted by a Coast Guard licensed captain & certified crew.A Booking Deposit is required to hold a date & receipt of deposit monies acknowledges POLICY acceptance. 50% Deposit shall be due/payable at time of sailing.The Captain is pleased to perform a short maritime ceremony (we will provide past samples of maritime services for review before hand) and family and friends are encouraged to share readings, poems or music.