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After a few chords, the COMPANY, led by MARK COHEN, enters from all directions and fills the stage. (THUGS mime beating and kicking COLLINS, who falls to the ground as lights on him fade.) MARK What does he mean...? (Lights come up on BENNY, who's on a cellular phone.) BENNY Ho ho ho. MARK You light up a mean blaze (ROGER grabs one of his own posters.) ROGER With posters -- (MARK grabs old manuscripts.) MARK And screenplays ROGER & MARK How we gonna pay How we gonna pay How we gonna pay Last year's rent (Lights go down on the loft and go up on JOANNE JEFFERSON, who's at the pay phone.) JOANNE (On phone) Don't screen, Maureen It's me -- Joanne Your substitute production manager Hey hey hey! ) Don't change the subject Maureen But darling -- you haven't eaten all day You won't throw up You won't throw up The digital delay --- Didn't blow up (exactly) There may have been one teeny tiny spark You're not calling Mark COLLINS How do you stay on your feet When on every street It's 'trick or treat' (And tonight it's 'trick') 'Welcome back to town' Oh, I should lie down Everything's brown And uh -- oh I feel sick MARK (At the window) Where is he? MARK & HALF THE COMPANY How do you leave the past behind When it keeps finding ways to get to your heart It reaches way down deep and tears you inside out Till you're torn apart Rent! (He exits.) ROGER I'm writing one great song before I... ROGER That was my last match MIMI Our eyes'll adjust, thank God for the moon ROGER Maybe it's not the moon at all I hear Spike Lee's shooting down the street MIMI Bah humbug ... MIMI reaches into his pocket, nabs the stash, waves it in front of his face, and makes a sexy exit.) Top (JOANNE's loft. (Holding camera up to BENNY) Close up: Benjamin Coffin the third, our ex-roommate who married Alison Grey, of the Westport Greys -- then bought the building and the lot next door from his father-in-law in hopes of starting a cyber-studio. MARK More than moon -- JOANNE I'm getting nauseous (They begin to dance, with MARK leading.) MARK Where'd you learn to tango? The Rabbi's daughter at the Scarsdale Jewish Community Center. PAUL, the support leader, sits on the downstage railing above. Come back another day Another day MIMI There's only yes Only tonight We must let go To know what's right No other course No other way No day but today (Lights slowly fade up on the Life Support group.) ROGER Control your temper She doesn't see Who says that there's a soul? GROUP #1 Will I lose my dignity Will someone care Will I wake tomorrow From this nightmare? MARK & ROGER Let's Go To The lot -- Maureen's performing MIMI Who's Maureen? -- I've gotta find a way MAUREEN Then a little bulldog entered. And although he once had principles, He abandoned them to live as a lap dog to a wealthy daughter of the revolution. "Ever since the cat took up the fiddle, that cow's been jumpy. MARK Roger will attempt to write a bittersweet, evocative song. MARK ..then there was that time that he walked up to this group of tourists... Just tell her I'm running a little late for our appointment... I can't believe he's gone (to ROGER) I can't believe you're going I can't believe this family must die Angel helped us believe in love I can't believe you disagree ALL I can't believe this is goodbye (MAUREEN and JOANNE look at each other.) MAUREEN Pookie...

MARK sets up a small tripod and a 16mm movie camera downstage center, aimed upstage. ") (Lights fade up on the street: the front-door area of MARK and ROGER's building. TOM COLLINS stands at the phone.) COLLINS "Chestnuts roasting ---" ROGER & MARK (as MARK picks up the phone) Collins! COLLINS Getting dizzy (He collapses.) MARK & ROGER How we gonna pay How we gonna pay How we gonna pay Last year's rent (MARK and ROGER stoke the fire. ROGER & OTHER HALF OF COMPANY How can you connect in an age Where strangers, landlords, lovers Your own blood cells betray ALL What binds the fabric together When the raging, shifting winds of change Keep ripping away BENNY Draw a line in the sand And then make a stand ROGER Use your camera to spar MARK Use your guitar ALL When they act tough - you call their bluff MARK & ROGER We're not gonna pay MARK & ROGER W/HALF THE COMPANY We're not gonna pay MARK & ROGER W/OTHER HALF OF COMPANY We're not gonna pay ALL Last year's rent This year's rent Next year's rent Rent rent rent rent rent We're not gonna pay rent ROGER & MARK 'Cause everything is rent Top (The street in front of the pay phone. Across the stage, ANGEL DUMOTT SCHUNARD is seated on the Christmas tree sculpture, with a plastic pickle tub balanced like a drum between his knees.) A HOMELESS MAN Christmas bells are ringing Christmas bells are ringing Christmas bells are ringing Somewhere else! ANGEL gets a good beat going on the tub, but is interrupted by a moan. Close on Roger His girlfriend April Left a note saying "We've got AIDS" Before slitting her wrists in the bathroom I'll check up on you later. Top One song Glory One song Before I go Glory One song to leave behind Find one song One last refrain Glory From the pretty boy front man Who wasted opportunity One song He had the world at his feet Glory In the eyes of a young girl A young girl Find glory Beyond the cheap colored lights One song Before the sun sets Glory -- on another empty life Time flies -- time dies Glory -- One blaze of glory One blaze of glory -- glory Find Glory In a song that rings true Truth like a blazing fire An eternal flame Find One song A song about love Glory From the soul of a young man A young man Find The one song Before the virus takes hold Glory Like a sunset One song To redeem this empty life Time flies And then - no need to endure anymore Time dies (ROGER is interrupted by a sharp knock on the door. Bah humbug (MIMI places her hand under his, pretending to do it by accident.) ROGER Cold hands MIMI Yours too. BENNY Maureen is protesting Losing her performance space Not my attitude ROGER What happened to Benny What happened to his heart And the ideals he once pursued? JOANNE With the French Ambassador's daughter in her dorm room at Miss Porter's. (They switch, and JOANNE leads.) It's hard to do this backwards. She cheated MARK She cheated JOANNE Maureen cheated MARK Fuckin' cheated JOANNE I'm defeated I should give up right now MARK Gotta look on the bright side With all of your might JOANNE I'd fall for her still anyhow BOTH When you're dancing her dance You don't stand a chance Her grip of romance Make you fall MARK So you think, 'Might as well' JOANNE "Dance a tango to hell" BOTH 'At least I'll have tangoed at all' The Tango Maureen Gotta dance till your diva is through You pretend to believe her Cause in the end -- you can't leave her But the end it will come Still you have to play dumb Till you're glum and you bum And turn blue MARK Why do we love when she's mean? GORDON, one of the members of the group, is standing downstage left, facing the audience. GROUP #2 Will I lose my dignity Will someone care Will I wake tomorrow From this nightmare? MIMI That'll do THE MAN Hey lover boy -- cutie pie You steal my client -- you die ROGER You didn't miss me -- you won't miss her You'll never lack for customers JUNKIES I'm willin' I'm illin' I gotta get my sickness off Gotta run, gotta ride Gotta gun, gotta hide -- gotta go THE MAN And it's beginning to snow BENNY (entering, talking on his cellular phone) Wish me luck, Alison The protest is on SQUEEGEEMAN Honest living -- ROGER Mark, this is Mimi -- MARK/MIMI Hi ROGER She'll be dining -- (with us) COAT VENDOR Here's a new arrival THE MAN That is an ounce VENDORS Hats, dats, bats COLLINS That's my coat! (The following is sung simultaneously.) HOMELESS & VENDORS Christmas bells are swinging Christmas bells are ringing Christmas bells are singing In my dreams -- next year Once you donate you can go Celebrate in Tuckahoe You'll feel cheery I'll feel cheery Tho' I don't really know that theory No bathrobe No steuben glass No cappucino makers No pearls, no diamonds No 'Chestnuts roasting on an open fire' Chestnuts roasting on an open fire No room at the Holiday Inn, oh no -- POLICE OFFICERS I'm dreaming of a white Christmas Just like the ones I used to know Jingle bells -- prison cells Fa la la la -- fa la la la You have the right to remain Silent night holy night Fall on your knees oh night divine You'll do some time Fa la la la la Fa la la la la JUNKIES Got any C man? ROGER His ex MARK But I am over her ROGER Let's not hold hands yet MIMI Is that a warning? And the dish and the spoon were evicted from the table -- and eloped ... (ROGER picks up a guitar and plays Musetta's Theme.) That doesn't remind us of "Musetta's Waltz" COLLINS Angel Dumott Schunard will now model the latest fall fashions from Paris While accompanying herself on the 10 gallon plastic pickle tub. virtual reality equipment To self-destruct, as it broadcast the words: ALL "Actual reality -- Act Up -- Fight AIDS" BENNY Check!! Lights on MIMI and ROGER.) MIMI Excuse me -- did I do something wrong? MIMI pulls out a just-purchased stash and angrily flings it across the room. and, they were petrified, because, a) they were obviously lost, and b) they had probably never spoken to a drag queen before in their lives..he..just offered to escort them out of Alphabet City, and then she let them take a picture with her, and then she said she'd help 'em find the Circle Line...

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Like our name suggests, it’s FREE to search 1000s of members to find your first date in your local area and send messages completely free (unlike some other dating sites).On stage the five-musician band performs under a wooden platform surrounded by railing. BENNY This past year's rent which I let slide MARK Let slide? MARK Two days ago I was bumped BENNY You still dating her? MIMI No -- I think that I dropped my stash ROGER I know I've seen you out and about When I used to go out Your candle's out MIMI I'm illin' -- I had it when I walked in the door It was pure -- Is it on the floor? (MIMI gets down on all fours and starts searching the floor for her stash. That's where I work - I dance - help me look ROGER Yes! JEFFERSON For Mummy's sake, Kitten No Doc Martens this time and wear a dress ... (COLLINS carries ANGEL's pickle tub, now filled with provisions.) MARK & COLLINS Bustelo -- Marlboro Banana by the bunch A box of Captain Crunch will taste so good COLLINS And firewood MARK Look -- it's Santa Claus COLLINS Hold your applause ROGER Oh hi COLLINS 'Oh hi' after seven months? Let's begin ALL There's only us There's only this ... Barging in on me and my guitar Little girl -- hey The door is that way You better go you know The fire's out anyway Take your powder -- take your candle Your sweet whisper I just can't handle Well take your hair in the moonlight Your brown eyes -- goodbye, goodnight I should tell you I should tell you I should tell you I should -- no! JOANNE It is, Maureen MAUREEN The mixer doesn't have a case Don't give me that face (MAUREEN smacks JOANNE's ass as she exits. (ROGER picks up an electric guitar and starts to tune it.) MARK Maureen Johnson, back from her spectacular one-night engagement at the eleventh street lot, Will sing native american tribal chants backwards through her vocoder, While accompanying herself on the electric cello -- Which she has never studied. No latex rubber rubber Fire latex rubber latex bummer Lover bummer (The music explodes into a fevered rhythmic heat as ANGEL is revealed in a lone spotlight, dancing wildly.) ANGEL Take me Take me Today for you Tomorrow for me Today me Tomorrow you Tomorrow you Love you Love you I love You I love You! Pan left -- close on the steeple of the church How did I get here? Christmas Christmas Eve -- last year How could a night so frozen be so scalding hot? Why are entire years strewn On the cutting room floor of memory When single frames from one magic night Forever flicker in close-up On the 3D Imax of my mind That's poetic That's pathetic Why did Mimi knock on Roger's door And Collins choose that phone booth Back where Angel set up his drums Why did Maureen's equipment break down Why am I the witness And when I capture it on film Will it mean that it's the end And I'm alone Top (The PRINCIPALS emerge from the church.) MIMI (to ROGER) It's true you sold your guitar and bought a car? The wooden platform has a staircase on the upstage side. Once the audience is in the theatre, CREW and BAND MEMBERS move about informally onstage in preparation for Act I. You said we were 'golden' ROGER When you bought the building MARK When we were roommates ROGER Remember -- you lived here!? You, me, Collins and Maureen How is the drama queen? MARK Last month I was dumped ROGER She's in love BENNY She's got a new man? BOTH Joanne BENNY Rent, my amigos, is due Or I will have to evict you Be there in a few (ROGER defiantly picks out Musetta's theme from Puccini's La Boheme on the electric guitar. She lookss back at ROGER, who is staring at her again.) MIMI They say I have the best ass below 14th street Is it true? They used to tie you up -- MIMI It's a living (MIMI douses the flame again.) ROGER I didn't recognize you Without the handcuffs MIMI We could light the candle Oh won't you light the candle? JEFFERSON Well, Joanne -- We're off I tried you at the office And they said you're stage managing or something MRS. It's three weeks away And she's already nervous MRS. ROGER Sorry COLLINS This boy could use some Stoli COLLINS, MARK & ROGER Oh holy night ROGER You struck gold at MIT? JOANNE As a matter of fact -- MARK Honey, I know this act It's called the 'Tango Maureen' The Tango Maureen It's a dark, dizzy merry-go-round As she keeps you dangling JOANNE You're wrong MARK Your heart she is mangling JOANNE It's different with me MARK And you toss and you turn 'Cause her cold eyes can burn Yet you yearn and you churn and rebound JOANNE I think I know what you mean BOTH The Tango Maureen MARK Has she ever pouted her lips And called you 'Pookie' JOANNE Never MARK Have you ever doubted a kiss or two? Another time -- another place Our temperature would climb There'd be a long embrace We'd do another dance It'd be another play Looking for romance? (At this point, JOANNE has entered and seen MAUREEN playfully kiss MARK. BENNY pulls MIMI aside.) BENNY Your new boyfriend doesn't know about us? Take me Take me I love you (The music dies as ANGEL vanishes.) ROGER'S VOICE Um JOANNE'S VOICE Wait MIMI'S VOICE Slipped COLLINS' VOICE Shit JOANNE'S VOICE Ow! MIMI'S VOICE Safe COLLINS' VOICE Damn MAUREEN'S VOICE I think I missed Don't get pissed ALL It was bad for me -- was it bad for you? ROGER It's true -- I'm leaving now for Santa Fe It's true you're with this yuppie scum? This chapter discusses the basic microbiology, natural history of the organism, clinical features and epidemiology of waterborne outbreaks, including transmission, distribution and persistence in the environment, removal by treatment, and waterborne outbreaks of enterovirus such as poliovirus, coxsackievirus and echovirus.Occurrence of enterovirus infection and illness varies by serotype, geography, season and the host's age and antibody status. I hope to make it the most accurate on the web, but for now it's basically just a pretty version of the standard script. The PASTOR from the church emerges on the above.) PASTOR Thomas B. BENNY stands off to the side as MIMI approaches ROGER, who turns away. ROGER and MARK are left alone.) MARK I hear there are great restaurants out west ROGER Some of the best. "Mark has got his work" They say "Mark lives for his work" And "Mark's in love with his work" Mark hides in his work MARK But from what? (The PASTOR acknowledges BENNY and exits.) MARK Must be nice to have money. COLLINS I think it's only fair to tell you, you just paid for the funeral of the person who killed your dog.

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