Dating drew

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Dating drew

In Still Fighting It (2), Alli buys Drew at the bachelor's auction. Later on while they're studying again, Bianca sends him pictures of herself.In All Falls Down (1), Alli is helping Drew study when he suggests kissing instead. Torres catches them, blames Alli for Drew's grades, and becomes dismissive when Alli attempts to introduce herself. Alli gets upset, but Drew calms her down saying he'll take care of it.

His exact words, "For a genius, you're not very smart." Then, she then storms off, crying.Bianca reveals what truly happened and Alli walks away, disgusted. He tries to blame Bianca, though she gives him a cold shoulder.When Owen learns of the situation, he tries to cheer her up with a hookup. When she notices the tension between Drew and Alli, she asks Drew what Alli did to him. She later decides to give him a chance, and also blames Bianca for what they did.At school, they playfully wear labels declaring their new relationship official.In Still Fighting It (1), Alli and Drew are seen making out.Alli continues to press for a relationship which drives Drew away.

Eventually Drew admits that he was wrong and apologizes, and the two began dating.

When she later asks him to double date with her, Jenna, and K. at the dance, he declines, as his mom thinks he needs to work on his grades.

Alli does his essay on the Victorian Era for him, causing them both to get in trouble with Perino.

However, after she talks with Sav and Holly J., she breaks things off, realizing he was wrong for what happened and decides to leave Degrassi. (1), Sav recruits Drew to play drums for a music demo.

When Sav tries to tell Alli, she is angry and Sav says he'll replace him, though he doesn't.

After everybody leaves, the two hook-up in the empty house, and Alli assumes they are a couple.

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