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In the public situations in which it is used, the monarch or other dignitary is typically speaking not only in his or her personal capacity but also in an official capacity as leader of a nation or institution.

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For example, in his manifesto confirming the abdication from the throne of Tsesarevich and of the Grand Duke, Emperor Alexander I begins: "By the Grace of God, We, Alexander I, Emperor and Autocrat of All the Russias ...." It is commonly employed by a person of high office, such as a monarch, earl, or pope.Marie also wore a diamond floral tiara — the same one she wore on her wedding day.The evening’s host, Queen Margrethe, wore a green lace gown and large fur shawl.It is also used in certain formal contexts by bishops and university rectors.William Longchamp is credited with its introduction to England in the late 12th century, following the practice of the Chancery of Apostolic Briefs.She wore a patterned white dress with sheer sleeves, as well as the Order of the Elephant on a chain.

So did her husband, who wore his formal military uniform and a statement-making white feathered hat.All other speakers and writers were obliged to choose some deferential epithet (such as In Hindustani and other North Indian languages, the majestic plural is a common way for elder speakers to refer to themselves when addressing those younger than them, and also for persons of higher social rank or caste to refer to themselves when speaking to those of a perceived inferior rank or caste.In certain communities, the singular plural (मैं, 'I') may be dispensed with altogether for self-reference, and the plural nosism used uniformly while speaking to a social inferior or superior.Several prominent epithets of the Bible describe the Jewish God in plural terms: Elohim, Adonai, and El Shaddai.Many Christian scholars, including Augustine of Hippo, have seen the use of the plural and grammatically singular verb forms as support for the doctrine of the Trinity. However, following his unification of China, the emperor Shi Huangdi arrogated it entirely for his personal use.At one point, there was even some chatter that she’d do so on New Year’s Eve.