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WRI attempts to keep the information featured in the Risk Tool's country profiles up to date.

Every company has moved to exclude class action lawsuits ever since the United States Supreme Court struck down a California law that forbids companies from excluding class action suits in their terms of service.

But I think that, in the long run, it will be the better choice.

I don’t want to have 100 more games tied to my account when Steam inevitably takes some other disruptive action that I don’t agree with.

This is, at least in the United States, entirely legal.

The only way to resolve a dispute is through binding arbitration with Valve.

If I were to leave Steam by disputing their new terms of service I would be giving up access to about 100 games that I have paid for.

Most of us are in deep with Steam, and we’ll only get in deeper as time goes on.

Those games will simply vanish, along with the user’s account.

I’m not a legal expert, but as far as I’m aware, there’s no precedent in law that prevents Valve from doing this.

This gives Steam additional leverage to use against us when they change the terms of service.

The situation reminds me of the Penny Arcade cartoon that made fun of Microsoft’s subscription music service. So long as you don’t mind killing all your favorite games.

If Valve thinks it is okay to hold games hostage in order to force users to accept terms of service that deny their right to a class action lawsuit, what else might they do?