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Dating skills podcast - Adult webcaming

The 'feel' of the AGS sound lab hits you instantly upon entering; it's a little hard to describe exactly how but there was something warm and comforting about the space.

In October, I was invited by NOE to attend a demonstration at their engineering studio in Chiba, where they would be introducing their Acoustic Grove System (AGS), a sound filtering system now used by various recording studios.For my selection I brought along a copy of Mc Coy Tyner's album 'Time For Tyner', featuring Bobby Hutcherson on vibraphones and marimba.I was eager to hear the tone of those two instruments in particular on the tune 'African Village'.they were astounding, far beyond what I had even imagined. And the drums were incredible, the high-hat and bass drum came at you from different directions, making it seem like there were two drummers in the room.There was a short presentation about the history of the AGS, and then we were led into the sound room for some extended demonstration time.The AGS was designed to "greatly improve indoor sound fields".Joe fell in love with Marketing when he realized as a 4 year old sitting on the counter of his father’s locksmith shop that if he smiled nicely… He parlayed that into his famous “I’m trying to win a trip to Disneyland” Newspaper subscription sales method…

and evolved THAT into the name-dropping, self-aggrandizing, super-generous style we all LOVE about Joe.

We took seats in a semi-circle facing the wall of the AGS wood and the two speakers set in the middle of the room, then three different pieces of music were played for us; an orchestral piece, a church choir, and The Carpenters.

(It wouldn't be Japan without an appearance by the Carpenters.)I couldn't hear anything particularly different with the orchestral piece, but the choir music was immediately striking. I'll avoid going into my view on them and why they are deities in Japan, and will just say that Karen's voice was lovely, and the production on a song like 'We've Only Just Begun' is revealed in a whole new way via the AGS.

It seemed like every other cafe owner and customer we'd met on this long jazz project had mentioned Basie, saying we must go visit, that it was the gold standard for jazz kissaten in Japan, etc etc; 縁がある (It was fated) as is said in Japanese.

The Tohoku region is a trek from Tokyo, 460km north to our first stop.

Fantastic, propulsive tune on the most common headphones but with the AGS it was truly alive.

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