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The sea was calm, the evening was clear, and we could even see some stars from our dark hellhole.

On top of that, many prisoners came down with dysentery.

Many could not sleep for fear the ship would be torpedoed by the Allies during the night.

Many of us felt mentally and physically broken soon, especially those with families left behind. Then, one evening (I will never forget this as long as I live), something incredibly beautiful happened.

Han Samethini must have thought of his family too, as he played with such intense feeling. In this midst of this horrible situation, Han Samethini used his blessed musical talent that unforgettable night, to not only forget the misery for a few moments, but to give us strength to face the very perilous future.

[2] ______________________ Footnotes Source: Source: [1] The Harugiku Maru (ex-KPM Van Waerwijck) departed Tanjong Priok on January 15 and arrived in Singapore on the 18th.

Sesampai di sana, kita sering harus menunggu dalam antrian untuk waktu yang lama.

Jika ada terlalu banyak sejalan, menurut penjaga, dia akan menggunakan gagang senapan untuk mengalahkan mereka kembali menuruni tangga. Pasien tidak dapat memanjat tangga, dan melakukan segala tempat mereka.For a brief time they were confined in the former barracks of the KNIL 10th Infantry Battalion, called Bicycle Camp by the British and Australian prisoners.From this transit camp they were taken to the nearby port of Tanjong Priok, where they boarded the Singapore-bound vessel Harugiku Maru.Kelompoknya dari tawanan perang Belanda telah tiba pada bulan November 1942, dikirim ke bagian (Australia Imperial Forces) AIF.Tak lama setelah kontingen Han tiba, Frank mendapat kabar bahwa adiknya berada di sekitarnya.Conditions in the hold of a hellship bound for Singapore (January, 1943)Note the open hatches above, matching Bakker’s description. To get there, we had to climb a very steep and long steel ladder.