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Using Touch & Tell can realize the following benefits for aging adults: Improve behaviors Increase positive mental and emotional stimulation Strengthen engagement with family and loved ones Decrease use of antipsychotic drugs Becoming a Treasured Stories’ Subscriber is easy: It’s Free if you are sponsored by a partnering community or have received a personal access code from a loved one It’s Easy – get started in 3 easy steps It’s Self-administered requiring no additional help or training How does Touch & Tell work?

Improves Person-Centered Care Touch & Tells provide comfort and care as well as educate healthcare professionals that care for your loved one.

The Touch & Tell automatically saves to your channel or a new channel you create for your loved one. You can invite others to create Touch & Tells and save them to your loved one’s channel, making it a depository for Touch & Tells from multiple family members.

You can also email the Touch & Tell to your loved one.

Watch Video Touch&Tell Treasured Stories’ Touch & Tell app is a wonderful app for people who have an older loved one in their family.

Touch & Tell combines meaningful photos with familiar voices to enhance your loved one’s life.

The stories may help bridge the gap between current family events and past celebrations. .99/month for individual subscribers that don’t already have access through a shared personal access code.

9/month for communities that are purchasing universal access for all their residents and their families.Get started in 3 easy steps: Go to SUBSCRIPTION and buy a membership or choose the option to access Touch & Tell through a shared personal access code.Log-in to the Touch & Tell web app and select the Touch & Tell icon to add your loved one’s name using the “Create A Channel” tab and start adding Touch & Tells using the “Create A Story.” Once you’ve created your loved one’s channel and added a Touch & Tell, your loved one can access it from any i Pad or laptop.You can invite additional family and those closest to your loved one to create Touch & Tells.Individuals you invite to use Touch & Tell for your loved one’s channel do not have to buy their own subscription.Improves Family Visits Touch & Tell can be used during family visits as an enjoyable way to create and share stories that can be played again and again between visits.