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The new cheery but disorganised human resources manager Philippa Moorcroft (Celia Imrie) is from the South and doesn't fit in well with the rest of the staff; she moved to Manchester because of her relationship with senior member of staff Mr Michael (Christopher Greet).as Bren's disadvantaged, delusional and manipulative mother who lives in a caravan behind a petrol station.

It is revealed that her mother left her a large amount of cash, and Bren and Tony use the money to move to Scotland.

Their colleagues bet on when Bren and Tony will "get it on", and they finally get together after Tony puts on a surprise birthday party for Bren, who was born on Christmas Eve.

Later in the series, Philippa can't attend the Millennium Meal she organises, and Anita has a baby; after leaving it anonymously for Bren to care for, she takes it back and goes on maternity leave; she is replaced temporarily by Christine (Kay Adshead), who is disliked by the rest of the dinnerladies.

She abandoned Bren at an orphanage, and often turns up to ask for favours.

In the first series, Bren and Tony's relationship begins to develop, and she supports him as he undergoes chemotherapy.

Dinner Date is a fun, dating and cooking television show where singles go on 3 different dates, being cooked a 3 course meal by each date.

We’ve been contacted by the ITV show ‘Dinner Date’ who are looking for sociable singles from Urbansocial to join their new show.

Speaking about their time on the show, Edd said: "You don't imagine that meeting someone random on a TV show will plan the rest of your life out.

I had spent all those years trying to find a partner for myself and failing. It seems they are a better judge of people and me than I am." READ: Work experience boy goes viral after taking over Southern Rail's Twitter Mum-of-one Jemma - also one half of the first and only ' Dinner Date' marriage - said: "I never thought that I would pick my future husband - and father of my daughter - from a menu.

"If it wasn't for First Dates we would never have our lovely little daughter and we can't imagine life without her now," Edd said.

Jemma added: "I saw the advert that asked 'are you single and do you like food?

' and I was like 'yes and yes' so I applied for a bit of fun.