Discoverer of carbon dating

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Diamonds supposedly formed even further back in the past than dinosaurs —over a billion years ago.

This is not predicted by conventional evolutionary theory; and other discoveries have been made concerning dinosaurs which also are not predicted by evolutionary theory such as the discovery of soft tissue in bones that are not or are only partially fossilized.

So, you might ask, why is this article about carbon-14 dating of dinosaurs?

Wouldn’t the dinosaurs be too old for carbon-14 dating to work on them? That statement would be true if the dinosaurs were really millions of years old.

But, if they were not that old, merely thousands of years old, then carbon-14 dating applied to dinosaur fossils might detect some carbon-14 atoms. These findings about dinosaur fossils are just a piece of the evidence indicating assumed ages are perhaps mistaken.

Other pieces include carbon-14 in diamonds, other soft tissue found in dinosaur fossils, and evidence that conventional dating methods are inaccurate.

Below is a list of some dinosaur fossils and their dated ages from the Miller paper.

Are the dates beyond the range of testing technology?Accessed 2013 Oct" href="#footnote11_qqwr8d7"11 Soft tissue normally will deteriorate over time.Soft tissue should not last 65 million years, yet it has been found in a dinosaur fossil which “has” to be at least that old.If the accepted ages of millions of years for dinosaurs were to be found to be in error, this would be a problem to evolution.The dinosaur dates reported below and discussed in the AOGS 2012 paper discussed throughout this article, included triceratops, hadrosaur, allosaurus, and acrocanthasaurs.The carbon-14 decays at a known rate, but since it is being replenished while the animal is alive, only after the animal dies is no carbon-14 added.

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