Do i appear intimidating

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Learn to voice your opinions and face conflicts confidently. Use “I” statements instead “you” statements to convey authority.

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A small number of onlookers was present as police investigated.Dotson said more information is expected to be released Monday.Intimidating others may not be among your priorities but it comes in handy in some situations.Grow a beard if you want to display assertiveness and masculinity.You should also dress better than those who you want to intimidate.PEORIA — A male was found shot Sunday night in Central Peoria, but his injuries do not appear to be life-threatening, police said.

Officers were called at to a shooting in the area of West Mac Queen Avenue and Broadway Street, according to Peoria police spokeswoman Amy Dotson.Practice how to maintain such an expression in situations that call for you to smile, frown, or laugh.Master the technique alone with a mirror or together with a friend.Choose formal wear such as suits and formal dresses if you want to convey authority. People know that you are happy when you smile, shocked when you gasp, and in disagreement when you frown.Maintain a neutral expression to limit the emotions you show.You can increase your size by going to the gym or practice some martial arts as well. Let them know you as the person on the other side of the line.

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