Double your dating landing page

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Double your dating landing page

(CNN) -- From the realms of science fiction to science fact, the Rosetta mission reached its climax this week when when the mission's scientists succeeded in landing a washing machine-sized probe named Philae on a moving comet after a 6.4 billion mile journey.It has been a decade-long chase around the solar system for the spacecraft to catch up with its constantly moving target, Churyumov-Gerasimenko -- better known as Comet 67P.

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For an engineer, the challenge is like winning the World Series with a home run in the bottom of the ninth in game seven -- something that will call upon all her skill to pull off.

We have been to comets before with spacecraft, observed them for centuries from the ground, but for the first time with Rosetta, we will "live" alongside a comet for over a year, sniffing and tasting it, scratching it with the lander, seeing how it is made up and how it evolves in time with its interaction with energy of the Sun.

Thought to be predominantly made of ice, comets are also considered to have been a possible delivery mechanism for water to the Earth, along with organic material that could have provided the building blocks for proteins and possibly life.

I know plenty of people who love a challenge like that.

I've waited 10 years to finally be "here," waiting for the landing to take place, and for the comet to start revealing its mysteries.

Once on the surface, a harpoon will anchor it in place and a thruster will push the lander downwards.

Scientists hope the lander will provide data from surface operations for at least a week, and continue for months as the comet travels toward the Sun.Although we already had pictures of a few comets, we were very much surprised by its irregular shape and its rich chemical composition.And analysis of the cometary coma by our mass spectrometers ROSINA continues to give almost daily new, amazing insights into the ancient history of the formation of our Sun, the planets and the origin of life. These are the questions which are an important part of humanity, the center of most religions, themes for all big philosophers.The passion and dedication of the teams working for so long on Rosetta to make it work, to do what it was designed for -- science.EXPLORE: Rosetta mission interactive Rosetta will show us how a comet works.The years of preparation dating back to the days of the Giotto mission.

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