Eastern european women dating services locally

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Eastern european women dating services locally

She met her husband when he was working in Ukraine.

Blind date groups are especially popular in small cities and villages where the economy is less developed.

"Chinese men are more willing to care for their girlfriends and change their habits or plans for a girl, but in Russia, many men don't do that because they think that would make them lose face," Kurzova said.

Nataliya, a 37-year-old teacher from Ukraine, has been living in Beijing with her Chinese husband for 10 years.

The historical bond and the geographical closeness China shares with the Eastern European countries also help make Chinese men, especially older Chinese men, feel close to women from this region. Russia and Ukraine are all former Soviet countries; we have all heard stories and watched movies about the friendship and stories China shared with these countries.

Chinese people naturally feel more close to the people there," Yuan said.

He cited as an example an instance in which he wanted to buy his then girlfriend, a Polish woman, an expensive watch.

He said all her girlfriends had the watch, so he thought she would want one too, but she refused his offer."She told me that it's pointless if she wears a watch just to show off to other people," Yuan said.

"Sometimes going on blind dates with foreigners is a good choice because they may get a chance to better themselves and find true love at the same time." Kurzova has dated a few Chinese men.

According to her, compared to Russian men, who tend to be more chauvinistic, Chinese men are usually more considerate.

The close cultural history shared between Eastern European countries and China makes women from these countries a good choice for wealthy Chinese men.

Photo: IC When Yuan Shankai, a Beijing-based artist in his late 40s, finalized his divorce in 2010, he decided that if he were going to marry again, his second wife would be either Russian or, at the very least, Eastern European.

For example, he said when he was dating a girl from the Republic of Belarus, the girl and her friends would sing "Katyusha," a song that was famous during World War II, and tell him stories about Katyusha."I have been listening and singing that song since I was a little boy, so we immediately felt close to each other when we sang it together," Yuan said.