Ecological updating

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The impact on the world’s psyche would not begin to register until the early 1960s, some 200 years after its beginnings.

In it she raised important questions about humans’ impact on nature.The world human population growth rate would be about .1 percent (.001) per year for the next seven to eight centuries.At the dawn of the Industrial Revolution in the mid 1700s, the world’s human population grew by about 57 percent to 700 million. (Note: The Black Plaguereduced the world population by about 75 million people in the late 1300s.) The birth of the Industrial Revolution altered medicine and living standards, resulting in the population explosion that would commence at that point and steamroll into the 20century.Fossil fuels replaced wind, water and wood, used primarily for the manufacture of textiles and the development of iron making processes.The full impact of the Industrial Revolution would not begin to be realized until about 100 years later in the 1800s, when the use of machines to replace human labor spread throughout Europe and North America.That’s a 400 percent population increase in a single century.

Since the 250 years from the beginning of the Industrial Revolution to today, the world human population has increased by six billion people!

It will happen, but it will take time, continued ingenuity and vast economic incentives to transform dependence on this fuel that fostered the growth and prosperity launched by the Industrial Revolution.

Looking back at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, it is difficult to realize how what took place then is having such complicated and vast effects today.

This is the principle of environmental unity – a change in one system will cause changes in others.

Certainly, the seeds of progress – and the ramifications of that progress – were planted then.

The decline in production started in the United States in 1971 and has spread to other oil producing nations as well.

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