Economist podcast not updating

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The FT produces a range of podcasts but I particularly enjoy the FT Money Show and World Weekly.Finally, in the hidden gems category, check out No Such Thing As A Fish, and Futility Closet – both addictive podcasts that have nothing whatsoever to do with economics.

The most common is simply to run the audio at faster-than-normal speeds, often 1.5x.A good radio producer knows how long a thought will linger in a listener’s consciousness, and either grants her that time, or purposely denies it.A conversation between two hosts is riddled with pregnant pauses and interruptions designed to head off miscommunications.The Economist Magazine is a bear to read each week. Its thoroughness on worldwide politics and business is not approached by any other publications.The digital magazine also comes with word-for-word narration of every article by professional voice-over talent.You don't love your favorite movie because you watched it out of the corner of your eye, listening just for the important details.

I’m a big podcast fan so let me give a shout out to a few others, including my own program More or Less, a weekly guide to the numbers that surround us – and the thirteen short episodes of Pop Up Economics, mostly by me but also featuring guests including Gillian Tett and Malcolm Gladwell.Radio 4’s Analysis often covers economics topics, as does Peter Day’s World of Business (in depth, on location) and Evan Davis’s The Bottom Line (studio discussion with business leaders).The London School of Economics has a stellar collection of speakers and releases many events as podcasts.While this page will show you how to add a feed from The Economist, you can apply the same points to add any feed from any site. I know you’re busy, and you have a lot on your plate, and there are so many shows to keep up with, but you need to stop listening to podcasts sped up to 1.5x. Radio — like film, music, TV, theater, and dance — is a temporal art.Thankfully, this process doesn’t tend to affect the pitch of the material.