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Flirty dating in uk - dating game book series order

1940s/50s AUSTRALIAN Verna Vintage Doll in White - £50.00 Rare find 18 inch Australian Verna hard plastic doll dating to the 1940s/50s.

Dating can sometimes feel like playing a board game in which each participant has a different set of rules, but luckily, experts are here to identify some of the biggest mistakes that can tank a relationship in its infancy.Outstanding condition for her years, clean with brilliant facial colour, no play cracks or odours. This book is now quite hard to find as it's been out of print for some time.Wig has lifted up a little, would benefit a tidy up. Lightly used but very good clean condition, pages remain nice and crisp. A paper backed book measuring 250x210mm, 144 pages. 1950s Pedigree Little Princess Hard Plastic Doll in Original Dress - Stunning example of the 1950s Pedigree Little Princess vintage hard plastic doll complete with her original unlabeled dress and onesie.She's a fabulous vintage Pedigree girl with fantastic colouring, beautiful rosy blush to hands, cheeks and knees and nice peachy skin tone too! No play cracks or odours and the hand assisted walking action is excellent. box is worn and lid is tatty/discoloured but has preserved her beautifully all these years ... 1950s Pedigree Delite Vintage Hard Plastic Doll - Blonde Braids - £45.00 1950s vintage Pedigree Delite hard plastic girl doll, 10 inches in height, this pretty girl has rosy cheeks, blue sleep eyes, all her lashes and original braided wig. 1950s Vintage Pedigree Delite Baby Doll in Original Box - £50.00 1950s Pedigree Delite hard plastic baby doll in super condition complete with her original box. This gorgeous baby has super colouring, bright amber open/close eyes, hard plastic lashes and original astrakhan wig. A very pretty flirty eyed girl with nice roses to her cheeks and all her lashes. A lovely old Pedigree girl with great colouring, no play cracks or odours, the hand assisted walking action works well. Her plastic is playscuffed, hair paint worn, no lashes and sadly there's large filled crack beside her nose (see pics). 1950s Pedigree Walker "Floaty" HP Vintage Doll - Auburn - £65.00 Pedigree's early 1950s first series hard plastic hand assisted "Floating Head" walking doll, instantly recognizable by the large seam hands, front grille mama and of course the "floating" head (these early dolls had rod jointed heads as opposed to the later strung heads). Pedigree Delite 21" Walker Vintage Doll - Early 1950s - Early 1950s Pedigree hard plastic hand assisted walking doll wearing "Pretty Peepers" style outfit. 1950s Rosebud Baby Doll - Largest 17" Size - £65.00 At 17 inches in height, this is the largest of Rosebud's hard plastic baby dolls to be made in the 1950s. 16 inches in height, she has blue flirty/sleep eyes with around 50% lashes, tongue/teeth and original saran wig (full but bit dusty). Her colouring is very good and lovely complexion with just faint facial lines and 2 or 3 tiny "freckles" (minor). She has superb colouring, blue sleep eyes, all lashes and original auburn wig (bit of fade at the front otherwise excellent). Open smiling mouth, tongue, teeth and original saran wig. Her plastic is excellent apart from cross mark to chest from the original outfit.Slight mistiness to one eye (lashes short/slipped back to same eye) and usual non working mama. Wearing nice vintage dress, original knickers, socks and slip on shoes. No play cracks or odours and her colouring is very good. 1950s Pedigree Delite Flirty Eyed Baby 18" Doll in Blue Knits - 1950s vintage Pedigree Delite hard plastic baby doll wearing adorable vintage knitted coat and bonnet along with white cotton dress. This sweet little vintage baby is 6 inches in height with lovely colouring, blue side glancing sleep eyes and nice moulded curls (blush and hair slightly rubbed from box but overall very good). Her plastic is excellent, clean with no play cracks or odours, outfit immaculate too. 1950s Vintage Rosebud Black Hard Plastic Doll in Original Box - £95.00 1950s Rosebud 14 inch black hard plastic vintage doll complete with original box and Hawaiian outfit. and original extra long mohair wig (a little deadlocked but suits her character perfectly). The amber flirty/sleep eyes work best when head raised away from body. Open smiling mouth, tongue, teeth and original saran wig. Also non working mama, slight squint to right eye and wear to lip paint. 21 inches in height, she has blue flirty/sleep eyes, tongue/teeth and original bright auburn mohair wig (this would have originally been slightly longer). 1950s Pedigree Delite 15" Baby Boy Doll - "William" - William is a very special Pedigree Delite 1950s hard plastic baby doll in fabulous condition for his years! This gorgeous old boy is 15 inches in height with super colouring, perfect fully lashed flirty/sleep eyes and nice moulded curls. no play cracks or odours, just bit grubby around joints. He comes beautifully dressed in hand knitted shorts, shoes and jacket, such a handsome boy!! 21 inches in height, she has blue flirty/sleep eyes, all lashes (shorter to left), tongue/teeth and rooted cap wig (replaced circa late 1950s). A lovely old baby doll with rosy cheeks and moulded hair. A very lovely vintage Pedigree with great facial colour, no play cracks or odours. Plastic good and clean, no play cracks or plastic odours. Dolly walkers have slightly darker factory paint to the seams and I see there's a tiny bit on her rear too. No play cracks or odours, outfit dusty with age and ribbons bit tatty. Good clean condition for her years, lip paint lightly rubbed (or maybe neatly touched up? No play scuffs, fading or odours of any kind, just tiny rub to one blush at left cheek.You want a massive puddle of matches so large that you can easily pick out a bunch of potential partners.

1950s Pedigree Vintage Hard Plastic Walker Doll - Blonde - £45.00 1950s vintage Pedigree 21 inch hard plastic hand assisted walking doll, just as found in her old knitted blue dress and knitted knickers. No play cracks or odours, tiny bit grubby with age (mostly to seams making them more prominent). A wonderful piece of Australian doll making history. Jill is clean with nice colouring to her plastic, no playcracks or odours. The hand assisted walking action works well (once she gets going! Light play to dress and one button missing but overall very good for years. 1950s Roddy Walker 21" Vintage Hard Plastic Doll - 1950s vintage Roddy hard plastic walker doll, 21 inches in height with pale skin tone, blue open/close eyes (manual), almost all lashes and fair hand assisted walking action. As often found with the Roddy walkers, the crotch seam has separated.TFI's founder and prophetic leader, David Berg (who was first called "Moses David" in the Texas press), gave himself the titles of "King", "The Last Endtime Prophet", "Moses", and "David".He communicated with his followers via "Mo Letters"—letters of instruction and counsel on myriad spiritual and practical subjects—until his death in late 1994.All chat and dating sites are not the same, so make Flirt Finder your mobile dating choice when you are searching for single women or single guys for anything from an online chat to a hot date tonight.You might think that the key to having a faithful relationship is making sure both sides are content.It was originally called Teens for Christ and later gained notoriety as The Children of God (COG).

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    At singles2za you will find the same kind of online dating system that you will find at other well known South African dating sites where you would pay anything from R100 to a couple of hundred rands per month.