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A: I am not convinced that a concert is ever ‘sold out’ minutes after a sale occurs. In the end, tickets are usually made available days after a sale or near the concert date.

Q: If I bought 4 tickets with my credit card, and that credit card is what gets all 4 of us in, do we need to queue up together?

This is perhaps your best chance to find tickets to a ‘sold-out’ concert.

Relatively new to concert entry experience over the past few years is ‘credit card entry’, which makes it impossible to transfer tickets ahead of time.

Table of Contents: 1) Introduction 2) Buying GA Tickets 3) Credit Card Entry and Transfer 4) Why does my GA ticket have ‘Row/Box/Seat’ on it?

5) Time to Arrive in the Queue 6) Camping Overnight 7) Morning of the Queue 8) The Number System 9) Back-to-back shows and the GA 10) Saving Spots in the Queue 11) Fanclub Membership Line Does Not Exist 12) Meeting the Band 13) What to Bring to the Queue 14) What to do in the Queue 15) Security Checks 16) Navigating the GA Floor 17) What is it like on the Floor 18) Where is the best spot on the floor to see U2?

If they give the green light you’ll see a Sell button when you click the order number under Order History in My Account.” From my understanding of the Vancouver credit card entry, if you want to transfer (or sell) your ticket to another fan, you will have to be present at the door to have your credit card swiped.

You can then hand over the ‘seat locator slip’ to the people you are selling to.This U2 General Admission (GA) Guide has been updated and will be refined throughout the U2 e XPERIENCE i NNOCENCE Tour 2018.Ever since I began seeing U2 concerts during the Elevation Tour, I have preferred watching the band from GA.I find the whole GA queue to be more than just trying to get to the front or in the pit.I find the GA line to be a great U2 community experience, and a wonderful way to make new friends.Indeed, a community of fans have arisen out of these U2 queues.

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