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I got really sick here this year and there medical system is like that of the US in the 1950s. Also, it’s incredibly frustrating to be a woman here at times. Now, please keep in mind that with all that opinion, I’d STILL suggest you do it if you’re interested.

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So this is the breakdown of the 3 main job markets for teaching English in Japan.The only things that are really more expensive are groceries and going out.Fresh produce is expensive because so little is grown in Japan, but the grocery cost is eased by eating a lot of Japanese food, and eating with the seasons–what is cheapest.I don’t know anyone here who works for these schools, but I did originally consider NOVA as my backup if I didn’t get into the JET Programme, because my main objective was to live in Japan, more than to have a satisfying teaching job.I talked to a guy who worked for NOVA and he had a good experience. Again, emphasize your very, very basic English with pictures, gestures, moving your body, etc.The thing about saving here, is that on paper it looks great.

In reality though, my friends and I have found that we spend a lot of money keeping our spirits up. Since I’ve gotten here, saving money has given way to “well I live in Asia, I’ll never be able to go Thailand again for so little money and without jet lag”…so the tradeoff of not saving as much as I’d like is that I have gotten to do a lot of wonderful traveling.

But most meals with drinking run 20-60 dollars, and are often followed by karaoke for 10-30 dollars. I cope with A LOT of staring (cute at first, now it’s annoying/disrespectful/enraging), discrimination, and racial ignorance.

I don’t go out that often though, maybe one night a week, and we’ve learned ways to avoid spending too much out (think drinking outside convenience stores before heading to a bar). It’s been life-changing for me, and I hear from almost no one who regrets it. There is a strict way of doing EVERYTHING in Japan, and it took me a long time to figure out what things I’d compromise on and agree to, and what things weren’t ok for me even if they brought disdain from others.

Like that youre a dancing foreign monkey for students’ amusement. They place people in schools, and are a competitor of the Jet Programme that offers cheaper ALTs (Assistant Language Teachers).

Unfortunately for Chris (my boyfriend), that means he doesn’t get health insurance (he pays bucks a month for it), he gets very limited paid vacation, no sick leave, and a lower salary than me.

3) Private language company schools like AEON, GEOS, and the now-bankrupt NOVA.