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For whatever reason, I had thought that guys should somehow be able to control their dicks in a situation such as the one I had inadvertently found myself in.

'Another good thing,' I thought, 'is the swimming pool and spa,' in the yard next to the house I would be living in.All I managed to salvage from my twenty four year life on this planet was a small tool box, the only power tools I own, a skill type saw and a small electric drill.I did manage to hang on to a small box of photographs, most taken before I ever met Lisa, and a couple of shoe boxes of audio tapes as well as most of the clothing from my closet and the underwear, socks and handkerchiefs from the dresser.I slipped through the gate, being careful to not let the latch make a racket and removed all my clothing.Still not wanting to wake everyone, I entered the water by way of the tiled steps rather than create a noisy splash diving in.'Won't be the same as when we were kids,' I thought as I neared the house, 'Ginny,' my older sister, and I sure did have some great times in that pool.' I grinned when I thought of the time when we sort of accidentally discovered what the other looked like without the protective cover of clothing.

I had arrived home, late for me, and decided to go for a swim before going into the house.I glanced dejectedly at the back of the truck and noted the available room for other stuff-if there were any other stuff to take.I was just about to get in and start the truck when I remembered my hunting gear and went back in the house to get that stuff, my favorite deer rifle, the rifle that had been dad's favorite for all the years we had hunted together and a couple of antique firearms that no one in my memory had ever dared to fire.I smiled grimly and thought, 'One good thing about all this shit is that Mom's place is close enough to where I work that I can walk or jog to work and will not have to drive except on really nasty days.' Idly, I wondered if Mom had informed Grandma Hanna and Aunty Lin of my sorry plight then chided myself for being a dumb shit.Of course she told them, they live right there in the same house and if I knew Mom, the instant she knew for sure that I was going to move in, she would have gone out and given the guest house a thorough cleaning.Ginny's naked beauty was revealed in the bright moonlight and I sucked in my breath sharply as I saw, for the first time, what I had been trying, unsuccessfully, to get a good look at for years.