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All that Mc Kamey asks of its visitors is that they make a donation to their greyhound rescue organization.Mckamey Manor presents “Resurrection” is currently the new theme for 2017.

One new service, Verizon's Hum, doesn't offer the convenience features of a more comprehensive, concierge-like service like On Star, but it's a useful maintenance and service tool.Plenty of new vehicles are connected to the cloud to send and receive data for emergency and convenience purposes, as well as to keep tabs on car maintenance, mileage, and other performance aspects.But you don't have to spend ,000 or more on a new car to get these features, since any vehicle made after 1996 has an Onboard Diagnostic (ODB-II) port that can supply some of the very same data.And there are many car maintenance apps that provide the same info as Hum, albeit not quite as intuitively.There are also plenty of other connected pay-to-play OBD-II dongles to choose from, such as Automatic and Zubie, which both cost per year and offer additional features.Fortunately, during our time testing Hum, we never had to use of any of the emergency services, but it was good to know that they were available.

One caveat: Many services require a cellular signal and/or GPS service, which means they aren't available if you're out of Verizon's coverage area.Would you enter a haunted house, free of charge that involved signing a waiver?Despite all of the freaky fetishes and outlandish haunted theatrics, the house is absolutely free– believe it or not.The main screen has tabs that allow you to set maintenance reminders, call for roadside assistance, check available discounts, and, when parking, take a picture and write a note about the spot and set a meter timer.A submenu lets you set notifications via the app, email, or text for everything from vehicle recalls to a low battery, as well as tabs for stolen vehicle assistance, a quick start guide, support, and more. Conclusions We like that Hum is straightforward and easy to use, and it's good for drivers to have a backup other than their mobile phone. While it's difficult to put a price on the peace of mind that comes with knowing you can get immediate help after an accident, in an emergency, or when your car breaks down, there are other services that offer similar features via a smartphone app, like Honk and, at a low or no cost.If your car has a problem, a hotline can connect you to a mechanic who will help to diagnose it.

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