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* Fortune and Silk touch ignores have been tweaked to be doesn't-work overrides * Feature to reset the config when I create an update.

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v1.4.2: Added no sword option * Changed save files to be update-compatible.

Then, trigger the bug (preferably in creative mode, set "Use in Creative" to ON).

Do this by enabling debug logging in the config screen.

You will now switch away from damageable items when mining any block without the right tool.

* Moved around many of the pickaxe items in the default config.

* Fixed engine flaw where efficiency modifier wouldn't be considered.

v1.2.1: * Instantmine items will no longer be mined by swords that are added by mods.

Soul Sand is now a shovel block, etc.) v0.8.4: * Hopefully minecraft won't crash if the mod can't find .minecraft.

v0.8.3: Added Ignore option so people who don't edit their config file can have it updated.

* Debug text files are much smaller by not printing the same thing over and over * Auto Switch should be more compatible with mods that add tools that don't extend the base tool classes. v1.5.4: * Fixed keybindings being broken in 1.5.3 * Fixed glitch where snow and leaves wouldn't be properly looked at that came back in 1.5.3 (stupid typo glitches) v1.5.3: * Removed unnecessary keybinding additions and removals.

- You can't configure your tool material preference order, as this has been ultimately superseded by Use Worst - You can't configure pickaxe groups as this has been ultimately superseded by Use Worst v1.9.0: Update to Minecraft 1.2.5 v1.8.0: Update to Minecraft 1.2.4 v1.7.0: Update to Minecraft 1.2.3 * Fixed vines not mining with shears v1.6.0: Number of hits weapon switching algorithm. * Fixed efficiency so using an efficient pickaxe which is better than a shovel is the one that is switched to, not the shovel.

Auto Switch is a mod that automatically switches to the correct tool when mining a block and automatically uses the correct weapon when attacking a mob or a player. v4.3.1: Automatic Installer * Auto Switch_moved to Auto Switch_* Fixed switching-back-when-disabled bug. v4.3.0: Updated for 1.7.2 * Toggles are now per-server-world rather than all of multiplayer as a whole * Changed the advanced configuration to use block/item names rather than IDs v4.2.0: * Updated for 1.6.4 * Now uses Forge again cause Mod Loader is terrible Mob Switching is now back because of forge * Fixed a few bugs v4.1.0: Updated for 1.6.2 * Fixed several bugs - Temporarily removed mob switching due to MC-28289 v4.0.2: * Tweaked silk touch detection, AS no longer thinks silk touch works on signs * Tweaked selection order, now tool standardness is before silk touch or fortune for the FAST STANDARD and SLOW STANDARD modes.

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