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In 2001, Sony released the Network adapter for their Play Station 2 video game console, which allowed voice chatting with a headset.In 2002, Microsoft launched the Xbox Live service, which supports voice chatting through a headset bundled with the Xbox 360 premium package and the official starter kit.

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Once the voice chats are up and running, some teachers like to announce a topic ahead of time.With higher-level classes, students could go to a different website and then return to the main website and report to the group what they discover.Below are some questions and reliable websites to get you started: [-2-] Let us now look at some of the various free voice chat programs available.[-1-] If you decide to include voice sessions in your online or classroom lesson instead of just letting students explore these programs independently, you first need to decide which program to use.Go to some of the sites discussed below and try downloading or registering step-by-step.In 2005, Nintendo launched the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, an online multiplayer service for both the Nintendo DS and for the Wii.

Metroid Prime Hunters, which was released in March 2006, was the first game that allowed voice chatting through the Nintendo DS's microphone.If your class is larger than 10 students, have them sign up for the time and day of the week they will “attend” the voice chat.Three–five students per session is a good number for an online voice chat and 15 is the maximum.Pick the one you feel will be the most user-friendly for your students with the best, consistently clear voice quality.Write down the steps for registering in detail, and plan to spend one entire class (online or in a computer lab) preparing your students for the voice chat.Recently, a friend who is a job counselor told me that students who successfully obtain jobs today often have three other skills besides their major subject or trade certificate: A driver’s license, English ability, and computer skills.

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