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I was hurt, but they were hosting so I just nodded dumbly and promised to keep my kids under control.

Firstly I would hold of calling other peoples kids very naughty given you have not had one yet...

Parks etc and other people’s houses it is tricky to step on when the parent won’t but my house i figure it’s fine. The first thing I would do would be to child proof your home as much as possible, and move anything valuable or breakable well out of arms reach before the actual day.

I wouldn’t discipline as such, but if you could see them doing something inappropriate (like putting potato salad in the carpet), wouldn’t hesitate to intervene and say “oh, that doesn’t look like a good idea, let’s take that away and find something else for you to do”. That's already helped me think about how to deal with this. I'm not game enough to give them pencils and crayons, but I definitely think I can get my hands on some wooden blocks and duplo.

My place has almost no garden and I don't want to rearrange the whole house on top of preparing for Christmas for close to 25 people.

What is the etiquette around policing the behaviour of other people's kids?

I'm not sure and I don't know if I'll have the time to patrol them and I'm only saying this because L won't tell her kids to stop doing something even if it's obviously destructive, like smashing plates or hanging off the screen door. I definitely think there will be an out of bounds carpet area.

I'm thinking of having a little table just for the kids since I counted that I will have 4 of them under 5 and 3 of them 13 and below with a few teenagers. I understand that, my nephew is on the spectrum and I know how to make sure he doesn't get bored which can lead to "naughty" behaviour, which at times he can really push peoples buttons, but he's easily distracted into more meaningful activities, if you know how of course. Also, I am really reluctant to patrol the behaviour if she isn't, as I don't want to upset her. Use this year as a gauge and if all else fails don’t invite them back.

Well fear not we have a great range of funny costumes and accessories here at Costume Box.

From naughty flashers to funny animals, as well as cute kids costumes. We have costumes for the stag as well as the group of guys invited to the stag night party.

And I'm not saying that to be mean but kids can be a bit of a lottery, you just never know if you will be lucky or not. I know what naughty looks like, particularly as I witnessed these same children nearly unhinge a sliding screen door and pull plates off a table just over the weekend.

I'd say I'm qualified to make that assessment. I've set up a little kids' table over on the tiles.

Even the grandparents couldn't help but commenting on how perfect my kids were, in direct contrast to 'some of the other kids.' It was one of our finest days. It sounds like you are used to hosting children and don't usually find it stressful.