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to make opinions known publicly AIS plural of AI n. a payment to a parish minister's widow (also ANNAT) ANS plural as in IFS AND ANS, things that might have happened, but which did not ANT n.

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French form of ME, facetiously used in English MOL n. a wine and blackcurrant drink KIS plural of KI, spirit KIT v. to push a barge through a tunnel using the legs (n. a kind of Indian edible pea (also DAHL, DHAL, DHOLL, DAAL) DAM v. a level of efficiency in Japanese combative sports DAP v. a cross between a yak and a cow (also ZHO, ZO, DZHO, DZO) DZO n. an unrefined, sweet cane sugar (also GOOR) GUS plural of GU n.

to overact, exaggerate HAN plural (Spens.) of HAVE n.

a tanker for carrying oil and ore OBS plural of OB n.

an elaborate lyric addressed to someone or something ODS plural of OD n.

an old English letter (also ETH) EDS plural of ED, education EEK interj.

a development programme (Erhard Seminars Training) ETA n.

to bind with thread (also OUP) OOR (Scots.) same as OUR pron.

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