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With no witnesses, only the four security cameras from her apartment building can help decipher what happened. Ranch hands searching a remote pasture for coyotes killing sheep find the victim of a different predator: a woman dead in a roadside ditch. Both cases go cold before revealing the secret of who killed Jane Doe?

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As the trial continues, the defense presents shocking accusations against Travis Alexander.

Is it too much fame too soon, or is something happening behind the scenes?

A young woman working at a convenience store is abducted from behind the counter in the middle of the night.

Travis's friends cast suspicion on his ex-girlfriend Jodi Arias. Horror strikes a small Wisconsin town in 1980 after a young couple disappears and is later discovered in a field.

Dubbed the Sweetheart Murders, it's almost 40 years before a woman comes forward saying her family holds the key to unlocking the case.

When Parabon Nanolabs generates a surprising result from the DNA profile in the Carrie Singer case, two investigators from the Isle of Wight County Sheriff's go undercover in pursuit of a new suspect.27-year-old single mom Laura Ackerson is looking to make a fresh start in Raleigh, North Carolina.

She starts a new company and new relationships while battling for custody of her two young children. A suspicious gun store robbery in Maryland piques the interest of the ATF, and ignites an investigation into violence, arson, and murder.Filled with overwhelming jealousy, 48-year-old reformed bad boy Robert Arvizu accuses his new bride Courtney Burton of being too flirtatious.In a blind rage, he faces off against his beautiful newlywed and their fiery romance takes a horrific turn.Watch Jodi take the stand and reveal the scandalous nature of her relationship with Travis, and the blockbuster conclusion to this salacious trial.On June 9th, 2008, 30-year-old Travis Alexander is found brutally murdered in his shower.Thirty years later, a student at the same university speaks about an encounter with striking similarities. The story behind Truman Capote's classic In Cold Blood - when the four members of the Clutter family are brutally murdered, detectives mount a nationwide search for the killers and face the chilling prospect that they died for no reason whatsoever.

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