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Full-term and late babies will have only a few traces of vernix in the folds of their skin.

Newborn skin varies in appearance according to how many weeks pregnant you were when your baby was born.In fact, newborn hair doesn't actually have much bearing on what your child's hair will eventually turn out like.Raven-haired newborns can grow up to be blondes, while blondes often turn into brunettes.Speaking about the markets, Tyagi said that volatility in Indian markets may continue for some time due to global reasons like the healthy US job markets numbers.The benchmark indices fell by over 1 per cent yesterday to close at a one-month low level.This has led to a possibility that the Federal Reserve - the US central bank - could raise rates at a faster pace than expected this year.

Newborns have big heads, no necks, short legs and big, distended torsos. Because newborns have spent an average of 12 hours squeezing through the birth canal, their head can often be a little pointy.Of course, your baby may be completely bald when he is born, in which case you won't know his hair colour till a little later on.Wondering what colour your baby's eyes will be?While the Sensex had managed to gain 330 points on Thursday, it had lost more than 2,200 points in the preceding seven trading sessions amid negative domestic and global cues.Experts believe that the latest US jobs data spooked global markets, prompted worries about inflation rising at a faster pace.Babies born by caesarean often have an edge, beauty-wise, because their heads don't have to squeeze through the birth canal.