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Getdatingadvicenow files wordpress com

myself, I only heard of the song a couple of years ago, when they put on a documentary kinda about it, and so i looked through my parents cd's and found it on a 4 disk set of xmas songs.Sure, they used singers that the KIDS are supposed to know, but does that mean they have to act like complete idiots?

Anyone who doesn't realize the line "Well tonight thank God it's them instead of you" is sarcasm or satire is truly a freaking idiot and I pity them for not being intelligent enough to grasp that.

We are trying to do something nice and they're just nitpicking about political correctness." Maybe true, but would it have killed the Americans to try to be just a little more aware?

I have no doubt the intention of the song was well-meaning but it is nonetheless offensive.

Why not try to make the extra effort to be BOTH well-meaning AND respectful?

What if Americans tried to help raise money for an orphanage in Edinburgh and then ran a campaign "Help the English orphans" and sent over little care packages wrapped in ribbons stating "Little English children are the best!

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