God dating relationships slowly

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To fill this emotional void, we turn to the world for approval.This behavior illuminates the source of all negative emotions and interpersonal conflicts.

To the degree that we lack self-esteem, we cannot love ourselves fully.

It does not matter how much respect and adoration we receive; we are like a cup without a bottom: the moment we stop receiving this undivided attention, we are as empty and as thirsty as we were before.

Yes, there are moments of fleeting satisfaction, but ultimately we remain empty inside.

Emotionally healthy people generally have positive relationships.

Conversely, those who don't seem to get along with anyone are often emotionally unstable.

Our self-worth is therefore dependent on others' opinions.

When we depend on others for validation, we become tense and vulnerable, as we over-analyze every fleeting glance and passing comment.

The acceptance and recognition that we crave comes in the form of respect.

We erroneously believe that if only others would respect us, we would be able to respect ourselves by converting the adoration and praise of others into self-love.

When a person gives, he loves the object of his giving more -- and so love is planted and grows.

A child receives and a parent gives; who loves who more?

The ego swells in both scenarios and neither situation boosts self-esteem.

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