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Good morning america internet dating - lesbian dating groups

” Josh answered the unbelievable excuse two months later, saying, “Hey, sorry, was in the shower.” The two then began a three-year-long conversation, giving each other creative excuses for their extremely delayed responses with each message, including funny one-liners such as “Presidents Day had me swamped.” The two finally came face-to-face on Good Morning America’s Tuesday episode, where they explained why they kept the conversation going for so long without making any effort to meet. “I loved the fact that we had a similar sense of humor so I was not going to be the one who gave in and gave up that great joke we had.” Prior to the pair seeing each other for the first time, GMA cohosts Michael Strahan and Lara Spencer interviewed the duo on separate sides of a wall to see if they had anything in common.

Their messages, which went viral after Josh, 22, posted a screen shot of their conversation to Twitter on Friday, July 7, started when he messaged Michelle on the popular dating app saying, “Hey,” and Michelle waited two months to reply: “Sorry my phone died!

a former airborne special operations officer and US Army Training Center commander.

Joe Cortina’s subsequent experiences as an intelligence investigator and anti-terrorist adviser brought him to such hotbeds of turmoil as the State of Israel, adjacent Middle East nations, and Central America.

These Jewish agents are treasonous dual-citizens whose useful idiots are apostate Christian Zionists.

Their allegiance is to the State of Israel and it’s global networks of Zionist Federations and affiliated Jewish organizations.

Yes, for one, and representative of a growing sentiment amongst the Officer Corps, is former Air Force General, Merrill “Tony” Mc Peak.

Mc Peak served as Obama’s military adviser during the 2008 campaign.But what about that part of the oath that specifically includes DOMESTIC ENEMIES?The civilian authority that the military is NOW subservient to is dominated by agents of a foreign power.Joe Cortina’s Web Site, Both Congress, the White House, and the Supreme Court have failed to preserve this country’s “independence and sovereignty” by protecting it from domestic intruders and a foreign occupation.We are currently under the yoke of a usurping Zionist occupation in all three branches of our government which is headquartered in Tel Aviv.Misty and Marty met on Twitter and started following each other on Facebook as well. They finally met in person and are now happily married.