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In 2012 it hosted a historic and highly symbolic handshake between late Sinn Fein deputy first minister and lifelong republican Martin Mc Guinness and the Queen.Perhaps the most instantly recognisable of all apple varieties and one of the most widely known, Granny Smith is also one of Australia's most famous exports.

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The 32-year-old said the older generation relying on the stiff upper lip means Britons bottle up mental health problems.

Harry quipped 'I am all right down here' and twirled him around as he hung by cables from the ceiling during a demonstration.

During his visit, Harry spoke with young people about empowerment, about standing up and doing something for peace-building.

He was inspired and uplifted after meeting young people working to improve support and prevent suicide in Northern Ireland.

The prince met teenagers, aged 15 to 17, from the Northern Ireland National Citizen Service, whose motto is 'Say yes', during a visit to the MAC arts centre in Belfast city centre.

Granny Smith pre-dates the modern approach to apple development and marketing.

Like all the best old varieties it has a bizarre history, being discovered in Austrialia in the 1860s as a seedling growing in the remains of a rubbish tip.

Here in coastal Central California apples can remain on the tree well into February.

Our nights get quite cool, mid 30's to mid 40's, but we rarely experience freezing temperatures.

Daytimes are usually in the 50's to low 60's.

In that climate, Granny Smiths go from being green to turning completely yellow and looking almost like Golden Delicious. The acidity definitely mellows significantly, and it then takes on an amazing balanced flavor.

It is an uncompromising crisp hard apple with a very sharp taste.

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